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Its the homestretch

Today was quite possibly the last Monday morning I will wake up and go to school. When I first started walking to class I tried to savor every last bit, but after about 5 steps my mind wandered off to something else and I forgot. My mind is still on an ever-moving cycle because despite the obvious fact that life is changing drastically, there is still so much to do! I’m not about to get caught up in the nostalgia and let these last final days slip away. That would be a waste, I’ll wait until the very end to sit back and remember. Now, however let me just recap the busyness that occurred in the last half of April. 

If you are a PR student, I highly suggest/demand that you take Crisis Communications as a support course. Our class recently had our crisis exercise. The chaos that commenced on a Tuesday morning did not stop until the next afternoon on Wednesday (except for a small break to sleep). I’m not a supporter of all-nighters, mostly because I cannot physically handle it. My body was shutting down the next day, but somehow I had to process what was going on and react appropriately. It not only taught me about how to deal with crises, but it forced me to evaluate my own strengths and weaknesses. TAKE THE COURSE.

Besides that, I had a lot of tests, projects, presentations and the usual suspects of college life. All of which kept me on my toes, but nothing like the crisis. Oh, and I’m obviously applying to jobs at a constant rate. I recently applied for a position that may not be ideal, but it is at my dream company and has the ability for promotion.

Now for the homestretch. Take Back the Night sponsored by PRSSA is Wednesday! My last event as the Vice President. I’ll update how it goes, but I have high hopes.

Just because its the last week does not mean its the end. I don’t even know if on May 12, when its really all over, if I will be able to sit back and relax. I think a lot of us are waiting for this to get ‘easier’, but I’m not sure if it ever does. College may be over, but then life starts. Both might be challenging, but the challenge is what makes it exciting.

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