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$1,000,000 worth of info. in 2 days

At the end of our last PRSSA meeting last night Dr. Carroll (faculty advisor) said, “Can I say something? How many of you went to the Dana Perino seminar yesterday? [all hands go up]. I want you to know that you just received one million dollars worth of information outside of the classroom.” Here’s why he said that…

Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Humanities building, Dana Perino, former White House press secretary for President George W. Bush, spoke to Public Relations and Mass Communications majors about anything and everything. From how she got to where she is to if she likes the Yankees now that she lives in New York. She was candid, but more importantly, she was encouraging. She said words that many of us had heard before, but when it was uttered out of her mouth it was a little more believable, “You’re better than you think.” Immediately I thought, okay then tell me how so I can put it on my resume, oh the process of the job hunt. I obviously wanted to know, so I decided to stay around for the presentation at 3 p.m. to the general public. Here, she gave us 5 tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to move (that I’m totally ready for)
  2. Hold the sarcasm (need some work)
  3. Use your strong voice (pretty much the entire population of girls need to work on this.)
  4. Read and read some more. (one of my favorite things to do)
  5. Get involved in a fitness activity (I’M TRYING)

The moment I felt like I wanted to take over the world was when she expressed how lucky we were to be graduating from York College. After this I was so gung-ho on the job search, but I am at a standstill. I need to change something.

Yesterday, we had an alumni panel at our last PRSSA meeting and advice was just dropped in our laps. Three people who had been under the same roof as us for four years were successful. Its attainable. They gave us immeasurable information on networking and the job hunt, how to follow-up. Especially helpful, never be afraid to ask for help.

I just received one million dollars worth of information, I mean I have no choice but to put it to work, right?

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