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Last Dress Sale… EVER

I feel like recently there has been a lot of “last…EVER“‘s. Today is the beginning of the end for one that is very dear to my heart… kind of. The dress sale is a large part of PRSSA. It’s the one event we have every semester. Its a lot of work for such a short event, but if you ask anyone what they remember of PRSSA, there is no doubt in my mind the dress sale would come up. It’s not because it’s anything magical. To be entirely honest, its stressful. It’s one of the events that I look forward to the end, but looking back I might miss it.

The concept is wonderful. We collect gently used dresses for young women who are not able to afford the latest trend dresses that just arrived at the department stores. Instead, they’re able to purchase a dress with a story. Whether it was donated by Renaissance or a local York College student, the person who donated it wanted it to go to someone deserving. As far as deserving goes, though, every girl going to prom is just that. Every single young woman attending a dress deserves to feel like a princess. I think PRSSA assists in that mission. That makes this long weekend at least a little bit worth it—and the fact that it looks nice on a resume does not hurt, even when its your fourth dress sale.

Stop by the West Manchester Wall tonight from 4 to 9, tomorrow 11 to 4 or Sunday 1 to 4. Tonight there is a fashion show at 7.

So in the middle of a semester full of “last…ever“‘s, this one I think is more of a celebration.

Let the festivities begin, last dress sale…EVER?!?!?!

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