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Can I get a what what for 8am classes

I started my internship at Abel Communications in Harrisburg yesterday, and for an entire day I was called Katherine. So weird, because that’s my grown up name. For 9 hours straight, I was a grown up. I sat in on a meeting with important people about important information, 90% of which was completely new to me. It was quite possibly one of the longest days, and I didn’t really like it that much but I have never learned so much in a 9 hour period of time in my life.

Maybe that’s being a grown up, dealing with things that you might not like but know that are good for you.

I’ve never liked having classes at ycp so much until now. Those zoology 8ams aren’t so bad as opposed to having to be in Harrisburg at 8:30am — dressed presentably, mind you.

Plus though— this grown up gets a salad bar at lunch.

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